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Monica H Green Monica H Green @monicaMedHist

#MedievalTwitter #twitterstorians Still on the fence about whether to engage w/ the genetics turn in historiography… https://t.co/tyMhEAdo4H

5 mins ago
Vanessa Holloway 🤬🤬🤬 Vanessa Holloway 🤬🤬🤬 @iamvholloway

Remembering UChicago alum Earl Dickerson’s trailblazing legacy | University of Chicago News #twitterstorians https://t.co/plCVKadc9p

20 mins ago
HF Dessain HF Dessain @HFDessain

Can anyone recommend a biography or chapter on the #C19 railway engineer George Heald? #NTiHoR #twitterstorians All… https://t.co/1NrjhfeMgT

31 mins ago
Dr.Katherine Sharp Landdeck Dr.Katherine Sharp Landdeck @katelanddeck

Okay #twitterstorians. I’m teaching post-1945 U.S. in spring & want to add something on the U.S. in Latin America.… https://t.co/7070UX4AIy

47 mins ago
Reza H. Akbari Reza H. Akbari @rezahakbari

Question for my historians of modern #Iran: Any recommendation of scholarship on Iran-Israel relations especially d… https://t.co/mavXA1YkSp

51 mins ago
AskHistorians AskHistorians @askhistorians

Has “photorealistic” drawing been around much earlier than we like to think? (Get a snapshot of the big picture whe… https://t.co/sPiyrRMsvf

60 mins ago
Jake Walker Jake Walker @Jake_W

My dissertation is on Porter McCumber and the League of Nations, but he left behind no official collection of his o… https://t.co/Lkl2dIP24l

1 hour ago
Jake Walker Jake Walker @Jake_W

This is a stack of letters ND Senator Porter McCumber wrote to his sisters that they saved (along with a few letter… https://t.co/Jg7pX2Zyjk

1 hour ago
Dr. Jonathan Abel Dr. Jonathan Abel @HistorianAbel

Today’s book recommendation: Gallaher’s The Iron Marshal, a thorough biography of Napoleon’s best marshal… https://t.co/NHnTNimoxV

1 hour ago
Peter de Bourgraaf Peter de Bourgraaf @Bourgraaf

Aufa💯calls for awareness raising about the 💯-Y old, quarter of a century-long preliminary events 1919-1946. Think o… https://t.co/mlS16OLIKG

1 hour ago
𝔐𝔢𝔤 𝔐𝔠𝔊𝔲𝔦𝔯𝔱 𝔐𝔢𝔤 𝔐𝔠𝔊𝔲𝔦𝔯𝔱 @meg_mcguirt

As Edward & Despenser fled west to Wales, Isabella pursued them. She met Hugh Despenser the Elder at Bristol as he… https://t.co/3fj5doZMgt

2 hours ago
AskHistorians AskHistorians @askhistorians

What exactly made the Era of Good Feelings so good? (/u/PartyMoses writes up some good #History and explains what A… https://t.co/zKaYFBQmT6

2 hours ago
Kim A. Wagner Kim A. Wagner @KimAtiWagner

Since we were talking atrocities yesterday, here’s another pitch for @JoshuaOppenheim’s now-classic documentary on… https://t.co/8payob5XBf

2 hours ago
American Historical Association American Historical Association @AHAhistorians

Want historians to know about your event, grant, or award? Submit it to the AHA Calendar here. #twitterstorians https://t.co/exU0AVJXJt

2 hours ago
AskHistorians AskHistorians @askhistorians

Where did disco come from? Get into the #history groove with @hillsonghoods and check out this rocking answer.… https://t.co/HuoXxw8W9l

2 hours ago
Yvon Wang 王弋文 Yvon Wang 王弋文 @yyvonwang

Deeply enjoyable discussion of selections from our favorite radical bromance duo today in my MA historiography semi… https://t.co/HDYdNXhl1Z

2 hours ago
Alex H Alex H @MrAlexHughes

I write expansive footnotes in the hope someone will read them one day. In one footnote, I just connected Colonel S… https://t.co/awlQs5OhYG

2 hours ago
Jessica Otis Jessica Otis @jotis13

Just a reminder @HistArthGMU @chnm is seeking a Tenure Track Ass’t Prof of Digital History (or Art History), apps d… https://t.co/mo68A1Q32E

2 hours ago
Russell Russell @rainmar7

@HuffPost I wonder if @BarackObama’s memoir will come close to the gold standard of presidential memoirs?… https://t.co/F9E29dBihj

2 hours ago

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