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Ann M. Little Ann M. Little @Historiann

#Twitterstorians stay tuned for details, but my dept. is hiring again in #PublicHistory this year! As they say, DEVELOPING…

4 weeks ago
SSFH SSFH @FrenchHistoryUK

Hi #twitterstorians you have until 1/9 to apply for our grants to organise conferences/speakers. More details here: https://t.co/Dv8FB2PQku

4 weeks ago
Brit Online Archives Brit Online Archives @BOA_MAP

#OnThisDay in 1485, Henry Tudor’s army defeated King Richard III’s in the Battle of Bosworth, in the War of the Ros… https://t.co/bO1WNJsorS

4 weeks ago
Anne-Marie Angelo Anne-Marie Angelo @amasays

“The major consequence of a #censure is that #historians will make a mental note that it happened.” -@maddow #twitterstorians

1 month ago
CharlotteRose Millar CharlotteRose Millar @drcmillar

It’s finally here! New book, witchcraft, devil and emotions in EM England #twitterstorians #emostorianshttps://t.co/TmfmKLVLmX

1 month ago
John Fea John Fea @JohnFea1

Are you REALLY concerned about erasing history? Great! Here’s what you can do. https://t.co/joMaji28Bj @cgehrz #twitterstorians #monuments

1 month ago
Logan Camporeale Logan Camporeale @thelocalhistory

Businesses need histories of their establishment/building on the menu. It helps customers build a connection to the… https://t.co/OeY0S3Fe3L

1 month ago
Jessica DeWitt Jessica DeWitt @JessicaMDeWitt

Hoping that this particular set of notes will be of use for understanding some historical background behind recent… https://t.co/D1hoet6umA

1 month ago
William Horne William Horne @wihorne

Anything about the posture, dress, or background stand out to #twitterstorians of 19th c New Orleans? I think it’s… https://t.co/pkpyG7gt30

1 month ago
Geri Walton Geri Walton @18thCand19thC

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was combination of 1806 poem by Eng writer Jane Taylor #w/18thc French tune.… https://t.co/J5aClyEeX8

1 month ago
Suze Zijlstra Suze Zijlstra @suzezij

Looking for Dutch versions of John Smith’s voyages. These 1707 ones are earliest I found, does anyone know of a 17t… https://t.co/9V8XZoQRYe

2 months ago
Belén Belén @SassenachLife

#OnThisDay in 1562 John de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford, died at Hedingham Castle, Essex #Twitterstorians

2 months ago

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