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Brian M. Watson Brian M. Watson @HistoryOfPorn

“Did the King George V class battleship have the thickest armour of any battleship apart from the Yamato-class? (/u… https://t.co/L9IRgaOskY

2 weeks ago
Reddit AskHistorians Reddit AskHistorians @askhistorians

Did the King George V class battleship have the thickest armour of any battleship apart from the Yamato-class? (/u/… https://t.co/4mKomwmWSL

2 weeks ago
Andrea L. Turpin Andrea L. Turpin @AndreaLTurpin

How you know you’re a historian of the Gilded Age & Progressive Era: I recently found myself thinking “I seen my na… https://t.co/qskp1DkxAU

2 weeks ago
William S. Cossen William S. Cossen @WilliamCossen

Agreed. I publish regularly in academic journals as a high school #historyteacher #withaphd.

If that doesn’t count… https://t.co/IKI9VtG8rq

2 weeks ago
Rammy Saini Rammy Saini @rksayne

Corrections submitted! Stay tuned for my soon-to-be published article “‘England Failed to do her Duty towards Them’… https://t.co/3fJTYIUQdi

2 weeks ago
Cross Beatz Community Cross Beatz Community @BeatzCross

@realDonaldTrump Rump lives in the past. I guess you could say he’s a hopeless romantic🤪Rump is a consummate histor… https://t.co/GzNlYH2YRz

2 weeks ago
Andrea Eidinger Andrea Eidinger @AndreaEidinger

Do you have a loved one who throws things at the tv whenever a new #AncestryDNA commercial airs? Find out why, this… https://t.co/iBmD1Pfhhd

2 weeks ago
Matt Gabriele Matt Gabriele @prof_gabriele

“That’s, of course, garbage history.” Just wrote that in a book review (not about the book in question…) #twitterstorians #medievaltwitter

3 weeks ago
Borderlands History Borderlands History @BorderlandsHist

.@ernstchavez reflects on the themes and papers presented during the 2018 @utep Borderlands History Conference on “… https://t.co/Dv5I9kKVkB

3 weeks ago
Rebecca Fachner Rebecca Fachner @rjf630

Medal of Honor recipients are referred to as such, NOT as winners. Very deliberately. Good staff work @nflhttps://t.co/xcBTNfQW4I

3 weeks ago
Jennifer Polk Jennifer Polk @FromPhDtoLife

Hey academic #twitterstorians: Did your dept hire last year?

Help us learn who gets tenure-track jobs!

We’re co… https://t.co/avQ5NtxQF6

3 weeks ago
Karin Wulf Karin Wulf @kawulf

Excellent reads fr @agordonreed! Keeping up with rewarding reading = the real reason Twitter is valuable (to me)!… https://t.co/0cpfna9WVn

3 weeks ago
Adam Oberstadt Adam Oberstadt @adam_oberstadt

Historians: looking for input. What software do you use for writing and info management? #twitterstorians

3 weeks ago
charlotte sexton charlotte sexton @realihistory

@dgjones any advice you can give to a budding historian who’s looking at doing about the War of the Roses and Gende… https://t.co/e4olYEROrA

3 weeks ago
Scottish Memories Scottish Memories @ScotMemories

#Scottish novelist Alistair MacLean, author of ‘The Guns of Navorone’ died on this day in 1987… https://t.co/PJYb5rB3Ib

3 weeks ago
History Scotland History Scotland @HistoryScotland

#Scottish novelist Alistair MacLean, author of ‘The Guns of Navorone’ died on this day in 1987… https://t.co/kJHdcX4eam

3 weeks ago
Weather Extremes Weather Extremes @Weather_Extreme

Interested in the history of ‘extreme’ weather in the UK? Explore the TEMPEST database, which contains c. 18,000 re… https://t.co/Yd7y64kjIm

3 weeks ago
John Handel John Handel @_John_Handel

Help me out #twitterstorians: if I’m making £50 a year in England in 1860s, what’s my social class? How well off or not am I?

4 weeks ago
Andrea Eidinger Andrea Eidinger @AndreaEidinger

New on Unwritten Histories, a special guest post by .@triticum_red: Checking Cows to Find the Crow: How Oral Histo… https://t.co/VOw9azysdg

4 weeks ago
Peter A. Shulman 📚 Peter A. Shulman 📚 @pashulman

I never knew Trump had blogged. Hey #Twitterstorians of the future, add this to the collected works. https://t.co/ZQEhoZCe7v

4 weeks ago

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