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Volksaufstand des 17. Juni 1953: live Volksaufstand des 17. Juni 1953: live @17Juni1953live

🇬🇧 Also tweeting (in German) tomorrow / 🇩🇪 Morgen twittern: @hr17junilive in Magdeburg, @IG17junilive in Leipzig,… https://t.co/lbwPO1Moyd

5 days ago
Edward T. O'Donnell Edward T. O'Donnell @InThePastLane

I wrote a little thinkypiece for the interweb – Are We Living in the Gilded Age 2.0 ? https://t.co/d609gsYSIT via… https://t.co/LBkHyIEYH0

5 days ago
Andrew McGregor Andrew McGregor @admcgregor85

Check out this new short article in the latest “Take 3” section of @ModAmHist | The Late Capitalist Physique… https://t.co/OLRDSRiS0c

5 days ago
Patrick Salkeld Patrick Salkeld @PatSalkeld

I started to read @kenbensinger’s book “Red Card: How the U.S. Blew the Whistle on the World’s Biggest Sports Scand… https://t.co/IPbrwqmiVb

5 days ago
Joseph Gagné ⚜️ Joseph Gagné ⚜️ @josgagne

Here’s a question: How many historians actually use LinkedIn or Academia? How many actually bother branding themsel… https://t.co/ajCoI9VfWK

5 days ago
Joanna L Pearce Joanna L Pearce @jlphistory

I’m so close to replacing all of these citations with “it came to me in a dream.” Past!me did a poor job of citatio… https://t.co/KqvVdD74NK

5 days ago
Michelle DiMeo Michelle DiMeo @MichelleDiMeo

Your summer project: Submit something for the Current Research in Digital History 2019 conference @chnm. 28 Sept 20… https://t.co/4Il8c0nfG1

3 weeks ago
EastGermanyOnline EastGermanyOnline @DDROnline

The Leipzig branch of the #Stasi files authority is staging an exhibition until 10 June on the Stasi’s operations a… https://t.co/NYIPmQqqaq

3 weeks ago
Historical Recipes Historical Recipes @historecipes

Mrs. Headman’s Preparations: Safeguarding Secrets in a Victorian Beauty Business https://t.co/rApXHazCPP… https://t.co/bVNcY4BKmQ

3 weeks ago
Eric Gonzaba Eric Gonzaba @EGonzaba

YES, something I stress to my students. Prohibition lowered per capita consumption, even through even today. The US… https://t.co/24QXlaMpEF

3 weeks ago
Will Pooley Will Pooley @willpooley

This is important.

What do #twitterstorians gain when they treat Wikipedia as an academic resource like others; t… https://t.co/D6B1dq3od0

3 weeks ago
Nicholas T. Pruitt Nicholas T. Pruitt @nickphistory

#Twitterstorians, who’s going to be reading for #APUSH next week? Would love to meet up in person.

3 weeks ago
Rebecca Mason Rebecca Mason @rmason717

Good advice in this @timeshighered article. Will print it off and stick it to my desk in the morning haha! ‘How no… https://t.co/MDksfc5GCU

3 weeks ago
AWHN AWHN @auswhn

Women who are in power, Beard argues, are regarded with suspicion and often outright hostility #twitterstorians https://t.co/gVKFW1fQ2F

4 weeks ago
Karl Qualls Karl Qualls @prof4russia

#twitterstorians know this. History provides the critical skills for citizens and for success in many professions.… https://t.co/HQM0czaw2E

4 weeks ago
Matilda Keynes Matilda Keynes @matildakeynes

“I.8 History’s normal (and normalizing) approach to doctoral training reveals (and reinforces) its anti-theoretical… https://t.co/QJtZuCjsuE

4 weeks ago
Sean Munger Sean Munger @Sean_Munger

It’s a classic movie, but, shall we say, highly problematic. Frankly, my dear, you’re racist: the terrible history… https://t.co/SvmEp6q1Jk

4 weeks ago
Andrea Eidinger Andrea Eidinger @AndreaEidinger

I’ve carefully combed through this year’s CHA Annual Meeting program, and put together a list of the panels I am mo… https://t.co/WFWPY3SdQY

4 weeks ago

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