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Emily Steiner Emily Steiner @PiersatPenn

Reports of the elephant’s size seemed to have been greatly exaggerated.

Royal 12 F XIII (Rochester Bestiary)… https://t.co/ubgrXvjdrR

1 week ago
Kristi DiClemente Kristi DiClemente @dr_xpi

Reading through the reflection papers students wrote about hand spinning wool for a week. They are delightful! My f… https://t.co/fMklGZuL44

1 week ago
Rutger K Rutger K @AnotherAspirin

On the off-chance that someone had put my 7 March presentation at the IHR in their calendar: it has been moved to 2… https://t.co/9pIyELdXee

2 weeks ago
Northern History Northern History @NorthernHist

New book review online now: David Crook on ‘Crown Pleas of the Lancashire Eyre 1292’ at https://t.co/J5EBu204rI.… https://t.co/jvYN2NVWLn

2 weeks ago
Mediävistenverband Mediävistenverband @Mediaevisten

Wissen, Weisheit – Raum für viele Gegenstände bietet ein Kongress in Tyniec (2.-6.9.18): CfP für Beiträge zum “Medi… https://t.co/ItMXmOvB6U

2 weeks ago
Mediävistenverband Mediävistenverband @Mediaevisten

Nice one! This makes the relations between .doc and .pdf what? Interdocumentary? A field for transdocumentary studi… https://t.co/jygX1Kl1Z2

2 weeks ago
yoav tirosh yoav tirosh @Yoav_inn_riki

I know I’m an noisy advocate of early registration to @IMC_Leeds, but so many of the people I know have already reg… https://t.co/DCaDl9X3gL

2 weeks ago
CanadianMedievalists CanadianMedievalists @canMedievalists

Postdocs at UCL for people *without* UK citizenship & currently based *outside* the UK #twitterstorianshttps://t.co/HLQx1XrXBe

2 weeks ago
CML CML @CentreMdvLit

Deadline April 1: Fear & Loathing in the Earthly City, Negative Emotions in the Medieval & Early Modern Period… https://t.co/rVHLsmUmj5

2 weeks ago
Esther Lewis Esther Lewis @EL_1434

A Friday at home to sit on the sofa and read a book on lollardy that has been on my ‘to read’ list forever = luxury… https://t.co/k1IMkp8JOe

2 weeks ago
Michaela Jacques Michaela Jacques @jacques_immo

Cord J. Whitaker: whiteness for the alt-right IS the Middle Ages, an idyllic period of strict social stratification… https://t.co/0TVkGZS8YJ

4 weeks ago
Blaise Blaise @TheSwithen

Parent-child arguments are different when your child is the shape-shifting #Merlin #medievaltwitter #epicfantasyhttps://t.co/TCYotO7gNK

4 weeks ago
john john @e1duderino

Hey #medievaltwitter, I don’t venture into this particular subfield often, but: are there better quality images of… https://t.co/08rczDZBY0

1 month ago
Dorothy Kim Dorothy Kim @dorothyk98

#medievaltwitter #highered Yup. All of this. Structural white supremacy should be dismantled. “Diversity is a Dange… https://t.co/MhTXeKqaTQ

1 month ago
Ali A Olomi Ali A Olomi @aaolomi

Brilliant response to @MattWalshBlog ignorant claims about Crusades by actual historian @tlecaque . Lesson of the d… https://t.co/r2Gk6pT6CL

1 month ago
Dr Rebeca Cubas-Peña Dr Rebeca Cubas-Peña @BeckyCubas

@LincsCathedral The recto side of the folio is also amazing. Is it me or that’s a Roman soldier? Look at that drago… https://t.co/fOe2k0GGXy

1 month ago
Lisa Fagin Davis Lisa Fagin Davis @lisafdavis

Attention #medievaltwitter! Parker-on-the-Web IS NO LONGER PAYWALLED!!! Parker 2.0 is FREE and it’s BEAUTIFUL! This… https://t.co/9VsbI5Zo0D

1 month ago
Brandon W. Hawk Brandon W. Hawk @b_hawk

KLAXON: THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! @ParkerLibCCCC on the Web 2.0 is now live with open access to hundreds of #medievalhttps://t.co/Sk8zQksFhe

1 month ago
Georgia Henley Georgia Henley @georgiahenley

Happy Parker on the Web Day! 🎉 The 2.0 version of the site is OPEN ACCESS, IIIF-compatible, gorgeous, and sure to b… https://t.co/B0SSXhPD6k

1 month ago
Dr Laura Varnam Dr Laura Varnam @lauravarnam

#medievaltwitter Such an awesome few days! You NEED to get yourselves over to the hashtag #gms2018 It rocked! https://t.co/HEierfaZtL

1 month ago
Francois Soyer Francois Soyer @FJSoyer

Sir Gunther never went to war without his lucky monkey. #medievaltwitter Walther, Marx: Turnierbuch und Familiench… https://t.co/tqHwXv4ae1

2 months ago
Boydell & Brewer Boydell & Brewer @boydellbrewer

Explore Lavinsky’s “The Material Text in Wycliffite Biblical Scholarship”, an exploration into Wycliffite’s theolog… https://t.co/4c4exw87Wy

2 months ago
Dot Porter's Winter Holiday Name Dot Porter's Winter Holiday Name @leoba

The Beowulf poet wrote about a flesh-eating monster but never ate flesh (AS FAR AS WE KNOW) #medievaltwitterhttps://t.co/4T0GvUf1s2

2 months ago
Matt Gabriele Matt Gabriele @prof_gabriele

Probably a neat piece for medievalists to write about court culture, mirrors for princes, etc #medievaltwitter https://t.co/WL1VQyBrQt

2 months ago

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