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Katherine Pierpont Katherine Pierpont @ShrillHarpy

If we accept the corpus put forth by Matilda Bruckner (pls ask me my thoughts on this) we find 91 instances of econ… https://t.co/ugFzNmlUqd

3 weeks ago
Clare Griffin Clare Griffin @ClaraGriffinska

@elmilam I am amused that this is coming up in science journalism (and conversations with your dad), as the flat ea… https://t.co/3dnHayEZcI

3 weeks ago
Andrew W. Klein Andrew W. Klein @elvysshpopet

this sounds awesome! I’m teaching over the summer months, so don’t think I’ll have the time :( #medievaltwitter https://t.co/uXChaYIbEr

1 month ago
The Lone Medievalist The Lone Medievalist @LoneMedievalist

Have a medieval-focused course you want to (re)design for the next academic year? Would you like to workshop it wit… https://t.co/EgXJiqjupm

1 month ago
Footnoting History Footnoting History @HistoryFootnote

#MedievalMonday Bowl featuring a rider at hunt, surrounded by sphinxes (Iran, late 12th/early 13th century)… https://t.co/UZaDY3w65B

1 month ago
S.J. Pearce S.J. Pearce @homophonous

So… I actually muted the #medievaltwitter hashtag a few months back. For me it was the right decision, but I will… https://t.co/HozbfTqErA

1 month ago
Brandon W. Hawk Brandon W. Hawk @b_hawk

Icymi, here’s a preview of some things I’ll talk about at #kzoo2018 #s41 next week. With some pretty network visual… https://t.co/PA2DAvwFcn

2 months ago
Kent Navalesi Kent Navalesi @NavalesiKent

My grandparents’ cat had kittens, and they said I can name them. #medievaltwitter, you know what to do.… https://t.co/JA0UHSY1bS

2 months ago
Dr Amanda McVitty Dr Amanda McVitty @AmandaMcVitty

Get in. Conference #cfp for #ANZA19 is live! It’s not till next Feb but I’m already excited. #medievaltwitterhttps://t.co/88QNwGvk9B

2 months ago
Daniel Brown Daniel Brown @ape_astronaut

Damn, #medievaltwitter … looks like I screwed up a #paper deadline… and still emailed the #proposal to the orga… https://t.co/CcW7F8pnQT

2 months ago
Castilla y León Románica Castilla y León Románica @cylromanica

Iconografia profana: Musico y saltimbanquis. La vida cotidiana tambien era representada en el romanico, y cómo no l… https://t.co/EeBZcMwYsc

2 months ago
Dan Franke Dan Franke @danfranke79

While I don’t agree with everything C.S. Lewis wrote, the sentiment expressed here (minus the dated language in the… https://t.co/dnlvFzuqhm

4 months ago
Méline Méline @Meline_HM

Je viens de trouver une expression vraiment incongrue : « feme est li froumages buskex » qui veut dire « la femme e… https://t.co/SFgfwYVmKP

4 months ago
Juliet Ó Brien Juliet Ó Brien @obrienatrix

I am embarrassed, as a medievalist and as someone who has been to John Marenbon lectures and read and respects his… https://t.co/FXMqhK8c6d

4 months ago
Dr Iain MacInnes Dr Iain MacInnes @IainMacInnesUHI

Nice to see this arrive through the post. Online version to follow. Thanks to staff at the Estonian War Museum for… https://t.co/ZpeBWYSY4J

4 months ago
Brandon W. Hawk Brandon W. Hawk @b_hawk

This pretty well represents the collective squee of medievalists about manuscripts! Read the thread for more!… https://t.co/3IYTpJVJ69

4 months ago
Jonathan Hsy Jonathan Hsy @JonathanHsy

I am so glad to see this day has arrived. Kudos to the early medieval tweeps who are seeing this and are actively t… https://t.co/EXd0y6YBqh

4 months ago
Lisa Fagin Davis Lisa Fagin Davis @lisafdavis

@b_hawk @AP How many times do we have to say it? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE DARK AGES #medievaltwitter

4 months ago
Gaz Gaz @historybuff1066

The Church of St Mary Magdalene is the oldest surviving church in #Coventry and can be dated to the early 12th C… https://t.co/S49unNRx4R

4 months ago

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