For all the medievalists out there.

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mrym mrym @mrym_bean

imagine being a huge nerd in the 13th century and getting your hands on something by aristotle that’s yours to keep #medievaltwitter

2 weeks ago
Emily N. Savage Emily N. Savage @ensavage

Week 6 (interlude – it’s reading week): St Dorothy in a garden, c. 1450-1500, German. Hand-colored woodcut…with g… https://t.co/OjR8bQMSuZ

4 weeks ago
Manuel Muñoz Manuel Muñoz @manmugar

Any Headspace users? Do you like it? Would you recommend it? Thanks! #medievaltwitter #twitterstorians

1 month ago
Jonathan Hsy Jonathan Hsy @JonathanHsy

Yes there’s a wider world in the past than narrow minds imagine. I’m for awareness of past’s complexity & possibili… https://t.co/LUAZ2khIm5

1 month ago
Sjoerd Levelt Sjoerd Levelt @SLevelt

#medievaltwitter which anthology of Middle English literature would you recommend to an undergraduate student?

2 months ago
Kristi DiClemente Kristi DiClemente @dr_xpi

The Wi-Fi network at the local bookstore/pie shop is called Hrothgar. #medievaltwitter #thanepie 😂

2 months ago
Kristen Mapes Kristen Mapes @kmapesy

“Though such statements are sometimes made without malice or intent to harm, the harm they cause is nonetheless rea… https://t.co/xnCnFbdNEu

4 months ago
Cathedralverger Cathedralverger @NchCathVerger

You can see the small roundel underneath the “Pieta” in the central panel of #medievaltwitter Stunning glass btw a… https://t.co/TAoDvsVeQR

4 months ago
Cathedralverger Cathedralverger @NchCathVerger

These three “Trinity” hares #medievaltwitter I spotted today at Long Melford Church https://t.co/No4FsZAIpX

4 months ago
Elizabeth Biggs Elizabeth Biggs @elizabethcbiggs

Durham has a fab collection of mss and printed books and a great chance to create own project in the library.… https://t.co/OJIFVBAtbf

6 months ago
culturised culturised @culturised

Elizabeth Wilson explores the real meaning of medieval penis trees… (warning, contains many puns) #medievaltwitter https://t.co/dU1h1UDo0K

7 months ago
Pearl Poet Society Pearl Poet Society @PearlPoetSoc

Going 2 @KzooICMS? Don’t miss these Pearl Poet Events! & tweet @ us during the conf w/ #PearlPoet 4 a RT! #kzoo2017https://t.co/pVYoRzUlwG

7 months ago

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