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محمد إبراهيم محمد إبراهيم @Mbenbrahim400

@deplorablefred6 @CNN @CNNOpinion A few centuries ago, you have no country, no borders, and you were not even a pe… https://t.co/Mhb1Vq1V1i

1 day ago
Meara Larine 📷🌈 Meara Larine 📷🌈 @MearaLarine

Adolph Eichmann on the left And Stephen Miller on the right. Makes a strong case for reincarnation.… https://t.co/UKk7NnsthJ

1 day ago
ThinkMagazine ThinkMagazine @ThinkPrague

Completely unopened 1920s #COTY Poudre de couleur Rachel N°1 from St. Petersburg https://t.co/7G0WnnzTnL #historyhttps://t.co/tk3EuecUF2

1 month ago
Bernard Kibirige Bernard Kibirige @PastorBKibirige

#History in the making as USA moves its embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal Capital of Israel on May 14.2018#

1 month ago
MapsofWorld MapsofWorld @mapsofworld

Scotland is known for its rich #history and heritage dating back thousands of years. #DYK what its capital is?… https://t.co/1HLplhFrcG

1 month ago
Patricia Freudenberg Patricia Freudenberg @Miss_U_Gram

Happy Mother’s day to all mother’s and those celebrating their mother’s #HappyMothersDay #History #MothersDay The… https://t.co/1rNneWCPWk

1 month ago
Stephanie P McKean Stephanie P McKean @StephaniePMcKea

#TimeTravel’s daughter Mi-Ling is dying @AlanThomsonMcKe Doctors can’t help her. Will Jesus? Female gladiator is on… https://t.co/yTJVF8lG1d

1 month ago
National WWII Museum National WWII Museum @WWIImuseum

What drove USS Tang Captain Richard O’Kane? The final installment in The Words of War Silent Service series offers… https://t.co/jQijfUstts

1 month ago
Dustin G Clark Dustin G Clark @Labador90

@MSNBC “Trumps election reminds me of McKinley where Big Money won same thing here in this time.” #Trump #McKinleyhttps://t.co/Uxj3x2YAoq

1 month ago
Kitt Noir Kitt Noir @KittNoir

[Dan Snow’s HISTORY HIT] Windrush, Empire & the Legacy of Slavery – David Lammy https://t.co/m24aQcahXx via… https://t.co/xHLX4lcEx2

1 month ago
Jem Duducu Jem Duducu @JemDuducu

Look, my new #podcast @NEONpodcast hit the top 10 #history podcasts on Apple this week.

Each episode starts with… https://t.co/w0DasaKuZg

1 month ago
Ryan Stavka Ryan Stavka @SgtStavka

Today in Russian Military History 26 April

1915: Russian troops in Armenia advance on Olty.

1855: Conference of V… https://t.co/ZUdHsMdGXP

2 months ago
Dig-It! Games Dig-It! Games @DigItGames

The latest in #archaeology – the largest mass sacrifice in the world discovered near the capital of what was once t… https://t.co/4FEDIiqbI3

2 months ago
Pete Pete @ShakeNBake87

This is fascinating; I was unaware that such places still existed in Europe. You’ve gotta take a look, the pics are… https://t.co/Za1p1QeEDP

2 months ago
WarBold WarBold @war_bold

Effects of World War I #war #warbold #history #warfare #battles battle continued, first world war, middle east, nex… https://t.co/Z2Fbz1oEwE

2 months ago
Today In History Today In History @Yesterday_Today

April 26 – 1937: Spanish Civil War – Nazi Germany tested its powerful new air force – the Luftwaffe – on the Basque… https://t.co/fnsvZh8gpJ

2 months ago
Lee Westwood Lee Westwood @leewestwood11

Just caught up on the Villa Leeds highlights .. 2 massive clubs and the game was comparable to the Munich Madrid Se… https://t.co/xk1teJla23

2 months ago

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