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Australian History Australian History @OzHistory

Ginger Meggs, Australia’s longest-running comic strip, is first published in The Sun, a Sydney-based newspaper.… https://t.co/IHWGhMFpGq

3 days ago
denise k beaudoin denise k beaudoin @eyelover

#MacysParade #history is so fascinating—show me some throwbacks, @macys! (TIP: pick *your* fave below to see more) https://t.co/rZj5iw1Hha

3 days ago
Mary Stromwall Mary Stromwall @mbstromwall

what is the role of indigenous perspective in shaping personal knowledge of history? https://t.co/McHL0TIO2u .#IBTOK #perspective #history

3 days ago
Slipaway Slipaway @SlipawayFilm

Steven Spielberg on timely new film ‘The Post’:’History is certainly repeating itself’ https://t.co/0xAz5V3qJi #spielberg #film #history

3 days ago
Jessica DeWitt Jessica DeWitt @JessicaMDeWitt

Canada Before Confederation: Early Exploration and Mapping. The Conference, Exhibit, and the Book by… https://t.co/wCeIQJO6Lu

3 days ago
BrownTroutPublishers BrownTroutPublishers @browntroutpub

There are more than fifty #lighthouses along the New England shore. With classic, understated Yankee architecture,… https://t.co/YG2f5rOYh7

3 days ago
HCAGrad_Edin HCAGrad_Edin @HCAGrad_Edin

The Political History Research Group has a new blog! https://t.co/Q10mJ2zxAj PG and academic submissions sought.… https://t.co/HVnxhEjVBr

2 weeks ago
Craig Kelly Craig Kelly @Craig_z_Kelly

Scotland’s first public theatre was opened in Carrubber’s Close, Edinburgh, #OnThisDay in 1736. The Kirk did not ap… https://t.co/gwcPRjXIL7

2 weeks ago
Cars! Cars! @Autos_Mania

Learn more about Vacuum Products – The History and Invention of Vacuums https://t.co/8QLdcd7zzn #history #inventionhttps://t.co/lGCGjyrzw3

1 month ago
GroovyHistorian GroovyHistorian @GroovyHistorian

Alexios III, from the chrysobull he granted to the Dionysiou monastery on Mount Athos. #history https://t.co/a40yMaS0V0

1 month ago
Sparks Radio Sparks Radio @sprksradio

Thanks for a great first broadcast! Check out our October Blog post to see some topics of upcoming broadcasts #internetRadio #History

1 month ago

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