The New History Wars

James R. Grossman, executive director of the American Historical Association, in the New York Times, Sep 2, 2014: Fewer and fewer college professors are teaching the United States history our grandparents learned — memorizing a litany of names, dates and facts — and this upsets some people. “College-level work” now requires attention to context, and […]


Educating Harlem Conference

In collaboration with the Teachers College Institute for Urban and Minority Education and the Center on History and Education, the Program in History and Education seeks to establish a scholarly community focused on investigating the history of education, broadly defined, in 20th century Harlem. All of the forces that shaped education in the 20th century U.S. ran through Harlem, often in amplified […]

Summer Course in Digital Humanities for GSAS Students

Flyer-for-DH-Course-Grad The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia (GSAS) has approved the following course for students. It starts THIS EVENING, July 8, at 6:15pm in 411 Hamilton Hall. Details below: ENGL S3024Q. Introduction to Digital Humanities: Computational Methods for Literary and Cultural Criticism. 3 pts. Runs from the week of Jul 07 to […]

Digital Center Interns

The Columbia University Libraries is looking for Columbia graduate students to collaborate with librarians and technologists in supporting and promoting digital scholarship on campus. The Columbia University Libraries has three digital centers: Humanities, Science, and Social Science. The Digital Centers are looking for students with a keen interest in digital scholarship to be interns in the centers during […]